Lower your tuition. Buy SCRIP.

A percentage of every purchase can be applied to your child's tuition.

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What is Scrip?

Scrip is a program run with the Great Lakes Scrip Center.  It enables users to purchase gift cards to businesses they already frequent (ex. Meijer, Target, Starbucks, Speedway, etc.)  These cards are purchased at their face value.  However, each retailer offers a percentage back as a rebate – that rebate can be used for one of three things at Saint Mark:

  • Tuition Payments – for your currently enrolled student or held until you have a student enrolled with us
  • Tuition Assistance Fund – have your rebate donated to our tuition assistance fund
  • Youth Ministry – your rebate can be donated to Solid Rock Teen Ministry

Getting Started….

Enroll with Scrip by visiting the website by  CLICKING HERE

The process is very user friendly and involves minimal time.  What you will need is our school’s enrollment code:  6617121827L

You will receive a confirmation when your account is ready – generally within minutes of signing up.

How Do I Order?

The Scrip website has an easy “Shop” bottom at the top of the page.  This will take you to a listing of all retailers available for purchase.  Each retailer will have set denominations available and a rebate percentage.

Easy example?  Old Navy currently pays 14% back.  If you order a $25 gift card your cost will be $25, however, $3.50 of that cost will come back to you as a rebate to be used in one of the three manners we offer.  Easy!

Place your order online by filling in amounts.  Most retailers will offer the option to purchase a gift card, reload an existing gift card, or receive an instant gift card code for immediate use.

How Do I Pay?

If you elect to pay by check your order will be processed when we have received your check in the school office.  An email confirmation will be sent to you at that time.  Check orders will pay a rebate of 1% less than what is listed online.  So Old Navy, for example, would still pay a nice 13% back on a check order.

You may elect to utilize “Presto Pay”.  This is an easy way of paying instantly online.  You set it up with your bank information and your order is automatically paid from your bank account.  It is a secure website and you will set a PIN up to enable purchases.  This will allow your order to be processed faster – it will also enable you to receive instant gift card codes.  Very handy for things like Amazon.  Great Lakes Scrip Center charges a $0.15 convenience fee with your Presto Pay order.

When Do I Receive My Order?

Orders are placed every other week when we have an order waiting and barring vacations and holidays.  You generally do not wait longer than 2 weeks to receive your order – usually you’ll see your order sooner than that.  If you have a question about when you’ll receive an order, feel free to contact the coordinator before placing the order (we cannot reverse an order once it’s been placed online).

Instant orders are received within minutes of placing the order online.

When Do I Receive My Rebate Credit?

Credits are processed every quarter, counting from September.  Our first payout happens the beginning of December for the three months prior.  This pattern continues through the year.  If you have a current tuition account that credit will be processed by the Financial Manager.  If you are purchasing before having a child enrolled, that credit will be held until you have your first tuition bill.  Payments into the Tuition Assistance Fund or to Solid Rock Teen Ministry will happen quarterly.

Additional Questions?