Bridge Kids

This program is tailored to children who are:

  • Five years old, but not quite ready for kindergarten or five full days of Young 5’s classes
  • Children who may just miss the state cutoff date for Young 5’s/Kindergarten

The Bridge Teacher will utilize the “Get Set for School” curriculum as well as many other supplemental resources to engage these older 4’s and younger 5’s. We will continue to build their pre-reading and pre-math skills as well as provide time for movement, play, and socialization. The morning Bridge class time will also include daily routines, Bible Time, group and individual instruction time, and a snack.The afternoon Bridge class time will enjoy lunch (brought from home), recess, enrichment activities in core subjects and rest and relaxation time. Bridge students who attend the afternoon sessions will learn to work independently and cooperatively at learning stations. The afternoon session ends at 3:15pm.

Parents may enroll their child in one option and may choose to add days as their child mature. This flexibility will enable parents to create a schedule that meets their child’s developmental needs.

This program is designed to give students the time to mature and provide the building blocks for later academic success.

“Jesus said, ‘Bring the little children to Me.’ ”

Matthew 19:14a